Motorsport Composites

Motorsport Composites  

In the highly competitive world of motorsport, the difference between victory and second place can be measured in thousandths of a second. It’s a sport where winning margins are often gained by small incremental evolution, rather than any ‘big bang’ revolution. Motorsport composites form just one part of the arsenal, but a hugely import part! Reducing weight in relation to more traditional materials creates almost nirvana – increased strength whilst at the same time reducing weight. In fact, it’s estimated that between 60-70% of the materials that make up F1 race cars are composite. It’s a proven winning formula. 

At Freeform Technology, our early start-up history was predominantly forged and built upon our expertise and experience in support of manufacturing motorsport composites tooling and moulds. We have worked with many leading race teams over the years, including current World Champions, Red Bull Racing Formula One. Our pursuit is to provide excellence in all that we do, and we seek to celebrate and share in the successes achieved by our clients, both on and off the race circuit. Metaphorically standing on the podium together with our clients is always our ambition and it’s something we work hard towards achieving. We bring our leading-edge design, machining, tooling, and expert team capabilities all together, in one single focus towards the solution development of motorsport composites. 

Solution development at Freeform Technology also includes state-of-the-art workshop capabilities, this includes CAD design using the latest software releases and 3D printing. This reduces overall production time, delivers fast prototypes, and facilitates change management rapidly. 5-axis machines and our extensive machine workshop completes our capabilities in the supply of motorsport composites tooling and mould construction. 

We work collaboratively with each of our clients and partners. By working closely, we keep our lines of communication open and direct, increase work-flow transparency, reduce lead times, effect rapid change management, optimise budget, and deliver on-time. 

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