Freeform Technology - Engineering the Advantage


Formula 1 racing is recognised as being at the very pinnacle of world-wide automotive sport. A sport where only the very best contributors have a part to play. Freeform Technology are one such contributor.

Freeform Technology use their unique strengths and capabilities in forging together the potency of collaborative technologies, engineering, and design with total dedication to the pursuit of delivering the extra-ordinary winning edge equation that results in ‘the sum of the parts being greater than the whole’.

Automotive competitive advantage is measured in fractions of a second. Component weight is measured in grams, and size measured in millimetres, often micrometres. Engineering tolerances are unbelievably tight, margins are infinitesimally small. In competition, rarely anyone remembers who came second, there is no margin for error. Freeform Technology can help engineer the winning differentiator for teams that demand first place.

Podium place rewards are invariably won by those that embrace leading edge, and for the brave, sometimes even bleeding edge solution manufacture and design. Those that stand on the winner’s podium are often only separated by thousandths of a second. Demonstrable success or failure predicated on pure engineering elegance, manufacturing precision, and design efficacy. More often, achieved only through the determined delivery and realisation of marginal and incremental gains.

Consequently, a critical component of success is in the selection of a manufacturing partner that can deliver proven winning differentiators to leading F1 teams, and their sponsors. Freeform Technology offers expertise and experience to capitalise, leverage, and execute on a winning formula through the provision of tooling design and engineering excellence.

At the heart of this winning strategy is Freeform Technology, the business has the capability to work with clients to offer a collaborative and flexible solution set towards project planning, manufacturing, and design. All predicated on a highly consultative approach with our customers.  A process that provides continuous feedback loops that deliver and measure success, in tandem with a method that facilitates the ability to build upon a Freeform Technology mantra of best practice and constant improvement.

In this series of three short articles, we take a deeper look at what our approach can offer towards those seeking to gain coveted podium wins, and importantly, how Freeform Technology can support that ambition. 

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