Freeform Technology work with leading F1 race teams, providing race winning expertise in the field of automotive manufacturing and design.


Freeform Technology work with a stable of leading F1 race teams in the automotive world, providing race winning expertise in the field of automotive manufacturing and design. We offer complete end to end solutions for automotive manufacture, achieved through our unique capabilities in maximising the collaboration of science, technology, and best practices.

Project Management

Here at Freeform Technology, we regard as one of the most important and crucial elements of any project is to first and foremost determine and capture our client’s absolute priorities, their list of requirements, and what success needs to look like for them. Everything we do is in the pursuit of ensuring our clients success upon their chosen podium. Our automotive manufacturing project management is based upon our individualised and bespoke foundational principals. At a top level we operate within six keys areas that fall under our project management umbrella: Scope & Specifics, Measurable & Metrics, Achievable & Actual, Realistic and Timebound. In combination with this, we also have a series of distinct project milestones. These include, capture of requirements, statement of work, design and manufacture.


We work with a wide variety of materials in our automotive manufacturing. Our specialisms include:

  • Aluminium
  • Epoxy Tooling Board
  • Carbon Composites

Precision Manufacture

We employ a wide number of state-of-the-art engineering tools, pattern design and Computer Aided Design (CAD), together with Three-Dimensional (3D) modelling. This enables us to create rapid prototypes, reverse engineer, and manufacture a wide variety of components that are bespoke, individualised and highly specialised.

Composite Pattern & Mould Design

Composite pattern and mould design is created and developed through sophisticated software driven computer aided design (CAD). We utilise CAD as a tool that facilitates a ‘initial design to finalised product’ approach, which significantly reduces manufacturing times. What previously may have taken weeks, may now be achieved in hours or days. Inherent within this process is the important capability to manufacture to specific and precise customer requirements.


We employ the very latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. Offering metallic machining capabilities in relation to aluminium and composites. CNC manufacturing offers the highest quality of manufacturing and operates to the very closest degrees of automotive manufacturing tolerances.

At Freeform Technology our approach seeks to deliver results in realisation of the benefits of our constant improvement concept that underpins the Freeform Technology automotive manufacturing approach and obsession to detail.

This is the second article in our series of three, where we take a deeper look ‘under the hood’ at what our approach can offer towards those seeking to gain coveted podium wins, and importantly, how Freeform Technology can support that ambition. 

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