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Designing the Future – CAD Models 

Computer Aided Design (CAD) models allow the digitalisation of design prior to any consumption or utilisation of physical resource. It’s where the digital world precedes the material world and leverages the ability to make changes and additions, way before any production happens. Therefore, CAD models represent the most cost-effective method of designing component parts. CAD Modelling facilitates the capabilities around conceptual design that can include manufacturing and assembly methods, component analysis for strength, tolerances, load resistance, weight, calculated performance, and a host of other pre-determining factors.  

CAD Models make changes relatively simple and quick to administer. Change becomes easy for pre-production environments. 2D and 3D CAD models represent the opportunity to redesign and fine tune without any physical medium employed and zero manufacturing cost liabilities. Adds/Change/Deletes at the touch of a keypad. What’s not to like? 

Here at Freeform Technology, we have the expertise of our experienced team to complement our extensive investment in our wide range of CAD computing systems and associated hardware.  Our investment in technology is predicated on our approach towards always maintaining pace with evolving leading-edge technologies and software.    

Our team can work with your existing drawings or through the importation of already formatted 2D and 3D file types. Where the project is totally new, we work with our customers in creating CAD modelling digitisation that delivers to our customer’s pre-production requirements. We can import most industry standard file types. On some rare occasions, files may not be in standard format and here we look to work with our customers towards achieving file format conversion whenever practical. The takeaway here is that we are a flexible and accommodating team that looks to always accommodate the non-standard!   

Any composite tooling journey almost invariably starts with CAD models for most projects. Our experience in CAD modelling forms the basis for building a strong foundation in the achievement of successful project outcomes, and it’s here that our team at Freeform Technology can make a real difference.   

To discuss your project and understand more about how Freeform Technology can create your CAD models, support your requirements and how our team of specialists can help and advise you, please click the button below.