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Composite Tooling Design 

Here at Freeform Technology, we offer a wide range of services that support a broad range of tooling requirements.  Extending from composite tooling design, right the way through to finished tooling manufacture. 

Composite tooling design is the first stage in the evolution towards final tooling manufacture. Prior to any of this, we offer to undertake making a pre-design compilation that captures a raft of considerations that ultimately feed into the composite tooling design. It ensures we align with our client expectations and importantly, delivers to those expectations. It’s a clear definition in developing a statement of work that is mutually agreed between both parties. 

We work with our customers to capture information across five key areas. These include: 

Basic functional requirements 

  • Here we look to understand at the most foundational level what are the required functional elements. It’s a high-level capture that can include such things as delivery timelines and budget. 

Environmental requirements 

  • What specialist environments will the tooling manufacture require? E.g Machine shop health and safety being one important consideration which will vary depending upon substrate. 

Performance Requirements 

  • Prototype, mid or high-volume production requirements need to be factored in. This supports making final decisions on which tooling substrate will be the best fit. i.e aluminium vs composite 

Technical Requirements 

  • Evaluation and exploration of potential design elegance. E.g Are there possibilities of reducing the number of component parts into a single homogeneous component?  

Detailed Specifications 

  • What level of tolerances are required for the finished product? What degrees of finished tooling accuracy are required or mandated?  

We use these best practices to minimise margins of interpretation when working with each of our customers in composite tooling design. It’s a practice that ensures even before any design work is undertaken, we agree and fully understand our client’s requirements, and gain mutual sign off. It’s not a totally rigid process, but one where flexibility also facilitates adaption and adoption towards changing circumstances.  It’s also a process where the composite tooling design evolution can expand or contract, but in a managed and controlled way. We like to call it here at Freeform Technology operating on a ‘no surprise’ principle!  

Freeform Technology is happy to help with any composite tooling manufacture projects you may have, to find out more or get started today, please get in touch.