Composite Tooling – Turnkey Solution Set

Composite Tooling – Turnkey Solution Set 

Here at Freeform Technology, we offer complete turn-key composite tooling solutions for our customers. Ranging from initial design through to finished product and anywhere in between.  

Composite Tooling Design 

We can accept drawing or CAD designs for composite tooling solutions through the importation of a range of file types. In rare examples where current existing file types may be held in an incompatible format, we also offer services that more often than not can achieve reformatting to the appropriate input file type. We like to have a no obstacle approach here at Freeform Technology! 

We also offer design engagement where client requirements may be at a stage that is purely conceptual. Here we work closely with our customer in defining the component and pattern design use case. After which we then digitally create the visual design and specification. Once gaining client final approval, we digitally file capture in preparation for input to the composite tooling solution stage. We can also work with any existing customer suppliers by facilitating design integration. 

Material Specifications 

The chosen material specification will be important for a whole variety of reasons. We will work with you to establish the best options that suit your requirement. Large volume or bespoke manufacturing may influence selection, as can a whole raft of associated considerations. Here, we work closely with each customer in the consultation process to investigate the options and ensure the best choice of materials is made in relation to the individual composite tooling solution use case and budget.  

Machining Capabilities 

We have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities that include:  

  • DMU 5-axis machining centres
  • CMS 5-axis routers 
  • Latest CAD/CAM from Siemens  
  • Portable measuring arms from Romer and Faro, together with laser scanning capability 

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