CNC machine shop - Freeform Technology


At Freeform Technology, we have invested heavily in our production workshop in being able to offer turn-key solutions towards delivery of fully finished components and parts. To accomplish this, we have built an extensive workshop that comprises of a wide variety of machine tools, including Computer Numerical Control, or more commonly referred as it’s three letter abbreviated acronym, CNC.

Our CNC machine shop produces components that are engineered to the highest quality and standards, working to the very closest of tolerances, combined with outstanding machine finishes. Our 5-axix machine machining centre offers full turn key solutions and all our finishing is done by hand.

But, and this is an important call out for us, it’s not just the machines alone that deliver to the exacting standards demanded and expected by each of our valued customers. The difference is created by our highly skilled CNC machine shop technicians. A team that combines knowledge and experience in creation of our unique differentiator that each of our customers receive as part of our comprehensive services offer. We recognise this should be a strategic element for any customer when evaluating their manufacturing partner selection criteria, and one in which we believe we excel. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate.   

Fully trained, experienced, and accredited, our CNC machine shop engineering team have the capabilities to take any customer requirement, from concept to design and beyond, offering turn-key delivery of finished products and components. We work closely and in tandem with each of our customers. This ensures that we can regularly liaise, provide production updates, and importantly, ensure deliverables are on-time and on schedule.

To understand more about how Freeform Technology can support your CNC Machining requirements and for more information on how we can make the difference for you, contact us today to get started: