5-axis machining


The Freeform Technology machine shop arsenal contains a complete series of 5-axis machining capabilities. Our range of 5-axis machining capabilities provide total accuracy and precision when manufacturing.  Our significant investment in machining means we offer every one of our customers complete quality assurances from start to finish. 

Our pedigree machine stable comprises:  

  • 4 DMU 5-axis Machining Centres 
  • 3 CMS 5-axis Machining Routers 

Complemented by: 

  • 1 SLM 280 Additive Printer 
  • 2 Faro Inspection Arms 
  • 1 Romer Inspection Arm with laser scanning capability 

Our investment in 5-axis machining capabilities is always expanding in line with demand and industry innovation, so no surprise that this list continues to grow and change regularly.  Currently, our machining capabilities mean we can accept significant and large sized projects, extending up to a maximum of 4800mm x 1800mm x 1200mm. Reciprocally this also means we are able to machine smaller projects with the same precision and quality, totally unencumbered by any constraints.  

Precision aluminium tooling is provided by our specialised 5-axis machining centre. Here we can undertake project sizes up to 550mm x 550 x 350mm.  

Our investments are not just made in machinery, in fact, our most important investment is in our people. What makes the real difference for our customers, is our technical team and skilled 5-axis machining specialists. Holding a wealth of experience and industry accreditations means they can bring their specialised knowledge and skills to your specific project. However large or small your project may be, it’s always hugely important to us. We want to excel in delivering to your project requirements and welcome demonstrating to you. From the initial consultancy, right through to complete project delivery, we always remain totally customer focused, towards our goal of delivering complete customer satisfaction.  

To discuss your project and understand more about how Freeform Technology can support your 5-axis machining requirements and how our team of specialists can help and advise you, please visit: https://freeformtechnology.co.uk/contact/