Carbon Fibre


Carbon Fibre is undoubtedly the premier material of choice for race cars, aerospace, high quality sport items and performance products. Its light weight and strong, exceeding the strength of steel in most environments. The benefits of carbon fibre are legendary, so often forming an integral component element in creating the winning formula throughout leading industries and sports.  

Carbon fibre machining requires the highest calibre of expertise to undertake the complex and sophisticated precision machining requirements. It’s one of the harshest and abrasive of materials to machine, placing a huge and significant toll on cutting tools. As a result, the machining of carbon fibre necessitates use of premier quality cutting tools, manufactured from only the very best of materials, maintained to the very highest of calibrated tolerances, operating in first class production machine shops, where precision takes priority. But this is not just about the physical medium. 

The absolute definitive difference we make for each of our customers is by the outstanding engineering team excellence we have here at Freeform Technology. With their combined experience and expertise in carbon fibre machining, they bring to every project the distinct and unique collective advantage of – competencies, capability, and collaboration. 

Carbon fibre is a valuable medium, which by necessity requires superior degrees of expertise when working with the material. Carbon fibre machining requires total and absolute precision. Failure can be expensive and often catastrophic. It’s clearly not an option. That’s why here at Freeform Technology we offer industry wide engineering expertise combined with machine tooling that delivers to the most exacting standards demanded by our customers and industries. It’s a winning combination. 

We operate an environmentally safe machine shop, inspection department and workshop, one that recognises the specific and unique challenges associated with carbon fibre machining. It’s a production environment that complements our capabilities in providing the very highest levels of engineering competencies to our customers, provides safeguards for our technicians, and creates an environment that facilitates production of the very highest standards in component manufacture and finished product.  

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