Metal Additive Manufacturing


Here at Freeform Technology, we have a wealth of experience in Metal Additive Manufacturing. We offer full end to end production capability, from concept and consultancy, through to design and ultimately, final product manufacture. We are an effective one stop shop for all aspects relating to Metal Additive Manufacturing. 

We work predominantly, but not exclusively, with leading F1 race car teams and the aerospace industry. Cutting edge industries who recognise our expertise and the advantages we can bring through our comprehensive experience, delivered by our team of experts. 

Often a significant factor for our customers is the cost of entry for metal additive manufactured prototypes. Here we excel. We produce cost effective prototypes, in minimum timescales, based upon our customer’s design requirements and always with a focus on our customer’s budget parameters. We operate in an environment where we seek to always maintain transparency, build trust, and demonstrate our effective competencies in being the leader in all that we do. 

Whether it’s a literal one off, small batch production or high-volume component part production being a requirement, we can accommodate. Often it can be an existing component that needs improvement or change in design, material, reliability improvement or reduction from multiple parts to a single component. Whether it is any single one, or in some cases, all of these requirements, our team will work alongside you to take your instructions, offer suggestions for improvement where necessary, and produce the very best outcomes for your business and industry. Here is where our Metal Additive Manufacturing expertise significantly demonstrates and delivers both quantitive and qualitative value to our customers. 

Freeform Technology Metal Additive Manufacturing has the potential for introducing significant production cost optimisation, component design elegance, reduced timescales in manufacture, potentially reduced stock holding by leveraging ‘just in time’ deliverables and a whole raft of additional benefits that can support and optimise your business requirement.  

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