Here at Freeform Technology, we can create composite patterns from the supply of your existing 2D or 3D models. Find out more here.


Here at Freeform Technology, we can create composite patterns from the supply of your existing 2D or 3D models, both physically or in digital formats, or simply just drawings. In some cases, it may just be a concept. We offer composite pattern and mould creation using our own extensive CAD software and design programs, turning ideas into reality. Our approach brings the advantages that we can often introduce further suggestions and improvements. Using our experience and expertise often results in significant benefits being gained whilst the composite pattern creation is under construction. It’s here we also factor into account wider aspects that include the finished product use case and real-world implementation.  

In order to maximise our approach to composite patterns and moulds, we work proactively with each of our customers to fully understand and capture all factors that may have an impact in the composite pattern design and creation process. Here we take into account environmental aspects, materials, finishes, specifications, tolerances, and where applicable, any component weight considerations. These are of course just the primary factors which can be far more extensive and expansive in relation to what is more-often than not, a significant multiplicity of additional requirements that need to be considered. Our overall commitment is to offer our customers a fully turn-key approach for composite patterns.   

Our specialised engineering and design team knits all this together to create the most optimal outcome for each and every customer. We offer a unique approach for our customers. Firstly, by engaging towards fully understanding and capturing their requirements, then developing a statement of work that is mutually agreed, and subsequently, we then commit to a schedule that delivers on-time. Where the project is more complex and intricate, we hold regular calls or meetings to review progress and provide updates. Composite patterns are just a single element in our extensive range of services, what is not a single element for Freeform Technology, is the focus and attention we provide to all our customers. Now that’s a pattern we want everyone to be clear on!   

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